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TAKE FULL CONTROL & PROGRESSIVELY SCALE YOUR RECOVERY. Our aim is to help you recover from your shoulder pain, shoulder stiffness, capsular injury, dislocations and following surgery. Giving you control over your recovery is important to us and vital for you. Where The Rotator particularly excels is in passive and/or active internal rotation of the joint, cuff muscles and joint capsule.

As for the Back Nodger, you can focus your attentions on specific trigger points and knots within the muscles of the shoulder, upper back and neck.

SCALABILITY is key to recovery from any injury and the proper use of self-help devices like The Rotator, its accessory, the Strong Arm and the Back Nodger – start easy and gently with passive stretching, progress to greater range of motion and then strengthen you rotator cuff mechanism. As you explore, practice and progress a common consequence is excessive tension, the Back Nodger can relieve areas around your shoulder, neck and back of painful tension.

THE ROTATER & THE BACK NODGER give sporting people a way to prepare safely for their activity, stretching the rotator cuff muscles and preparing other soft tissues to help them achieve maximum potential. Once again, if you have control, you will get more out whatever you do.

THE IMPORTANCE OF STRETCHING & STRENGTHENING YOUR ROTATOR CUFF. With over 45 years of combined Osteopathic and Physiotherapy experience and expertise, we know the best products and techniques for the job. If we don’t think it works, we won’t sell it.


We at ShoulderCentric now offer these exceptional products;

The Rotater, American designed and made and available exclusively from ShoulderCentric in the UK, and the Back Nodger, designed and marketed in the UK.

Use The Rotater for rapid results after shoulder injury. Extend your reach, maximise you potential & speed up your recovery.

Use the Back Nodger for individual targeting of tender points. Reduce shoulder and neck tension, maximise you potential & speed up your recovery.

The Rotater is an excellent shoulder rehab and stretching device designed to increase the flexibility and range of motion (ROM) of your shoulder joint.

We have benefited from this great product personally, which is why we have taken on the UK distributorship, so convinced are we of its merits!

Both devices are targeted at prehab and rehab in injury recovery as well as preparation for golf, kettlebell, cricket and any throwing related sports.

For further details about the development of The Rotater and the Back Nodger, click the logo[s] below. This will take you away from this site to the US, so don’t forget, BOOKMARK US before you go!

Who we are

ShoulderCentric was started by Andrew and Pat Bellamy. We began with a single product (The Rotater), and in 2013 added the Back Nodger to our product range that relate to managing, rehabilitating and recovering from shoulder and upper limb injuries.

Andrew and Pat have run their Osteopathic practice since 1989. Our business also includes offering a wide range of osteopathic services with exceptional customer service. We take great pride in ensuring that you get the best and most suitable advice for your particular problem.

Recommendation has been one of our key strengths and we intend to continue this core philosophy with ShoulderCentric and the products we might promote.