Back Nodger



It’s been designed by experts to be a portable version of a masseur’s thumbs!

Anyone who’s ever had those aching knots or niggles in tense shoulders, a stiff neck or suffered from a bad back, will welcome a good Nodging. With the Back Nodger you can instantly relieve knots and muscle tension all over your body. By allowing you to apply deep and precise pressure into your own knots, you help them to relax, a bit like you’d expect a pair of trained hands to feel.

So, grab a Nodger today and give those aching knots a Nodging!”

At Balance Performance we are determined that our clients will learn how to take care of themselves. We educate and equip to empower our clients to take control, gain greater understanding of themselves and develop resilience. The Back Nodger is one of the tools that fits perfectly in to this category of self-care.

For an impartial view of the back nodger watch the video review from Andrew Bellamy – UK Osteopath: “Fantastic for anyone with problems in places they can’t reach…”

 Video Review 


This method of releasing knots is often known as Accupressure or Shiatsu massage; an ancient Japanese technique used by sports masseurs and physios, the world over, to treat athletes.

By applying intense, targeted pressure into knots, known professionally as ‘trigger points’, you can quickly relieve muscle tension. When the pressure is released, oxygenated blood will rushes to the tissues and relieve the muscle contraction.”


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