Strong Arm



This Strong Arm accessory attaches to the Rotater with resistance tubing. The product will strengthen your shoulder, specifically your rotator cuff muscles.   Because the elbow is “captured” within the Rotater correct performance of rotator cuff strengthening exercises is guaranteed! With the Rotater / Strong Arm combination – shoulder rehab and strengthening can take place anywhere – you are not “tied” to a wall, door or piece of heavy equipment.  And – the Rotater / Strong Arm combination can be used in a variety of positions – providing you with a more stable shoulder.

The level of resistance can be adjusted from very light to moderate – with an infinite range in between.  This level of resistance ( very light to moderate ) is all that”s necessary to promote stronger rotator cuff muscles and improved shoulder health. Two (2) feet of red exercise resistance tubing ( medium strength ) is included.

This product is included free with Rotator purchases.


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