The Rotator


The Rotater is a device for shoulder rehabilitation in those who currently have, or have had past injuries to the rotator cuff muscles. It is designed to increase the flexibility and range of motion (ROM) of your shoulder joint while fully under the control of the user. Therefore, it is potentially relevant for anyone with restricted shoulder movement. Adding the “Strong Arm” to the Rotater allows you to strengthen the rotator cuff.




The Rotater

The Rotater allows you to safely, easily self-stretch, which could result in faster recovery times. ShoulderCentric now offer an exceptional product for rotator cuff stretching, strengthening and rehabilitation. The Rotater is American-made and now directly available in the UK from ShoulderCentric

What makes The Rotater special?

  • The Rotater is easy to use.
  • The Rotater is portable.
  • The Rotater allows you to safely stretch your shoulder joint properly and effectively.
  • The Rotater can be used with or without assistance – active or passive
  • The Rotater can be used with resistance to strengthen through and at end of range
  • The Rotater puts YOU in control of the stretch because YOU feel the stretch.
  • The Rotater allows YOU to stretch both internal and external rotation.
  • The Rotater can be used on either shoulder and in an infinite number of planes.
  • The Rotater positions and maintains your arm and shoulder in the correct position relative to each other resulting in proper stretching of the shoulder joint.

Already Have A Shoulder Injury?

  • Rotater Cuff Tears & Strains
  • Sporting Shoulder Strains, (throwing injuries)
  • Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive capsulitis)
  • Post-operation Recovery
  • After a Mastectomy

The Rotater will help to:

  • increase your shoulder flexibility
  • help you regain your shoulder range of motion
  • allow you to play and work with less shoulder pain
  • aid you in your rotator cuff rehabilitation
  • stretch your shoulder prior to and following sporting events
  • strengthen your shoulders rotating muscles through their full range using the Strong Arm
  • in some cases, may prevent invasive surgery

NOT injured and want to stay that way?

SPORT/RECREATION: Use The Rotater to stretch and warm up before Golf – Kettlebell – Cricket – Tennis – Wall/Rock Climbing – Canoeing – Baseball – Softball – Weight Lifting – BJJ, Thai Boxing, Boxing, MMA, powerlifter or strong man/woman, gardening, skiing or boarding – well, you get the idea – if you use your shoulders to do it The Rotater can help improve your sports preparation and warm down.

WORK: Use The Rotater to offset the monotonous postures you probably experience during a 35-55 hour per week office job, these postures invariably challenge healthy positioning of head, neck, shoulder and shoulder girdle. Likewise if overhead working, or long periods of shoulder use are a significant part of your week – tree surgeon, gardener, builder, road or rail workers, painter and decorator, rope access worker etc The Rotater can help you deal with niggling shoulder problems and prevent them getting more serious.

The importance of having the full range of motion of your shoulder cannot be overstated. If you are a grandmother trying to hold her grandchild, a builder constantly reaching overhead or an elite athlete trying to compete with the world’s best, you need, require and expect maximum shoulder performance.

“My own experience with The Rotater” by osteopath and Shouldercentric’s founder Andrew Bellamy:

“During the frustrating rehab from a fracture/dislocation of my shoulder after falling off my mountain bike, I came across The Rotater. I had already had successful surgery and great physiotherapy, (and I have been an Osteopath for over 20 years), but it was all going too slowly for me.

A Rotater arrived in the UK in quick time and immediately made a positive difference. If for no other reason, it put control of my problem in my hands. As a patient, I like that control – as an Osteopath, I can appreciate the mechanical and physiological advantages of the way The Rotater keeps the axis of shoulder rotation in line with the upper arm. This prevents ‘patient cheating’ by tilting the body or dropping the arm when doing shoulder exercises, a common problem for physical therapists to overcome everywhere.

It’s now 12 weeks since my surgery; I’ve been back at work full-time for the last 8 weeks, plus I’m back to the gym, off-road biking, (no falls yet), and SCUBA diving. I have a great Physio, but the answer so often is to take good advice and then motivate yourself – The Rotater gives you that choice.

Frankly, I don’t usually do testimonials, but I will be recommending this device to my patients as well as using it as a tool in my clinic.”



Additional information

Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 50 x 40 x 4 cm



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